The history of stockings begins in England during the late 1500s, when the first knitting machine was put to use to make leg coverings from cotton, silk and wool. This machine was embraced as a national treasure, and anyone caught exporting it faced the threat of death. The manufacturing process saw little improvement until the 1930s, when a circular knitting machine was invented that allowed for garments to be fabricated in one piece. Around the same time, scientists at DuPont in the USA discovered a process that resulted in a synthetic fiber that was sheer, durable and mimicked the finest silk. DuPont introduced Nylon at the World’s Fair in 1939, and legwear has never been the same.

Our collection of stockings ranges from sheer coverage in standard colors, to intricate and sexy designs in lace, patterns, fishnet and more. Some styles feature flirty details such as satin bows or lace at the top, others have striking patterning that extends down to the toe. There is something here for everyone, no matter how demure or daring your taste.

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